Buying Backlinks: What You Need Know 2021

Buying Backlinks: What You Need Know 2021

So have you thought about buying backlinks? What’s the most important thing in SEO?

You are completely correct if you said link building. Yeah, obtaining high-quality links to your website is as vital as it has always been.

If you’re having trouble growing your search traffic, it may be because you’re not putting enough resources into link building. So now we come to the most crucial question. How do you get high-quality backlinks?

Is it possible in 2021 to purchase high-quality backlinks without being penalized?

Is paid link building beneficial or harmful to your site’s ranking in Google? Let’s find out in this comprehensive guide. We’ll also explore the meaning of buying connections, as well as a few other important topics. So, what do you have to lose? Let’s get into the details.

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The importance of backlinks in 2021

The number of links on your site is used by search engines to assess the authority of your site. If you’re new to SEO, you may be wondering what backlinks are.

These are your blog’s incoming connections. Inbound connections are another term for these. A backlink happens when one web page connects to another web page. Backlinks are one of the most important factors that SEO considers when rating a website.

If you’re wondering why connection building is so important in 2021 and beyond, let me explain the benefits.

Improves the position of your website in search engines. Your content would automatically rank higher in search engines if it contains high-quality connections from other websites.


When you make a change to your website, Google indexes it (new blog post, video, or comments). When search engine bots crawl your website, they index it if they find any links. The higher the number of connections you have, the better your site’s crawling rate would be, which is good for SEO.

Referral Traffic: Links create a lot of referral traffic for you. You need traffic from popular websites as well as search engines like Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, and Yahoo. You can get referral traffic from a well-placed connection on an authoritative site. It brings targeted visitors to your website.

Build your brand authority: It helps to develop your brand authority if you can get influential links from authoritative sources. As authority sites link to your site, your audience shows interest in your goods and content, just like Google.

Creates new relationships: When your audience sees a backlink to your site on another website, they will most likely visit it. They will take measurable action on your website, such as signing up for your newsletter, and they will communicate with you and form a relationship with you.

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Should you purchase backlinks?

Spending money on backlinks is by far the quickest way to get them. Paying link building, on the other hand, is against Google’s webmaster guidelines. Google penalizes websites that receive links in an unethical manner. It may sometimes penalize a site for up to 6 months. There is a significant risk that the site will receive a permanent black mark. And will never be able to recover from the punishment.

When you buy connections for $5 or $50, the risk is extremely high. Since only malicious websites offer such low-cost backlinks.

Is it really appropriate to spend money on connection building? If you want a risk-free SEO strategy, you should not purchase any links. Since even a minor penalty will result in your site being completely removed from search results.

It’s a good idea to put in the time and money to create useful content for your website. Then go all out to promote it. Hire an SEO consultant if you want to improve the pace of your performance. You will receive genuine links if your content is exposed to the right audience.

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Buying backlinks, what to avoid?

From public networks or PBNs should never be bought. Google has no trouble identifying these networks.

A single irrelevant link is unlikely to attract attention, but the more irrelevant links you have, the more artificial your backlink profile becomes and the more likely you are to be penalized.

The Panda algorithm at Google dislikes short material. Example: Each post has a word count of 200 to 300 words or less.

Web sites are notorious for providing just a handful of an outbound link to their home pages. However, they have a large number of outbound connections on their homepage, ranging from 25 to 50 or more should be avoided.

It’s all too simple and all too tempting to throw your link into a foreign website while building backlinks. But keep in mind that Google is watching.

A fast Google search for “backlink generator” yields nearly half a million results, with the most popular websites promising thousands of free, high-quality backlinks in minutes.

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How much do paid links cost?

From a google search: Pricing started at around $30/month for a link from a PR1/2 site. High PR sites commanded fees of $100+. Remember, that’s a monthly fee. So $100/month would end up costing you $1,200 per year

So, what does paid link building actually involve?

When Google began ranking websites based on link popularity, people began to think about link building. There are a variety of choices, including:

Get connections from Authority Directories: Submit your website to a reputable directory. They just charge a fee for feedback.

Google has begun penalizing websites that sell links openly. Generally, there is a decrease in the authenticity of your site’s domain, but sometimes your site is entirely removed from the search results. It also allows users to notify Google about paying connections. If you use paid links to boost your site’s rankings, you’re asking for trouble.

Listen now!

I’m not suggesting paying for backlinks! But if you want to get quality connections in return for money, consider the risks and move on. Here are some of the ways you can get links for SEO purposes.

Go to the Google search bar and type “Buy Guest Posts,” some of the links it shows actually provide real link building services. But if you write a high-quality blog post to some of your niche’s top influencers, you’ll get a free backlink.

You can get backlinks from a highly authoritative domain for a monthly fee. However, It’s possible pages on the network are compromised and connections are inserted without the knowledge of the site owner.

Some bloggers have made it clear that they want to be paid for their work, It’s all business after all.

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Ensure That

Maintain relevancy: Do you want to get some strong links? The most significant aspect is then relevancy. Prioritize connection opportunities based on the content of the linking page and the content theme of the linking domain. Using open site explorer, you can examine your competitors’ ties.

Anchor text will result in a penalty: If you distribute your backlink anchor text carelessly, your site’s ranking will suffer. You will be penalized by Google Penguin if your exact match anchor text is less than 1% and you use keyword-rich anchors. A lot depends on how you use anchor text.

It’s up to you to determine if the paying link building is worth the money or take the risk of being caught.

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My final thoughts about paid backlinks in 2021

To buy or not to buy backlinks? Simply put, yeah, there’s a lot of sites out there that offer paid links. However, this does not imply that you should spend all of your money on obtaining those connections.

As far as link building is concerned, it is always safe to draw as many links from different domains to your websites. If you’re just starting out, go slow while building a connection. Slow and steady always wins the SEO race. As long as you buy backlinks from reliable SEO sources that conduct their own research and create their own content like this blog, and you should be fine.

If you have any questions, please use this connection to contact us.