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How to build a website in honolulu hawaii 2021

Website Design in Oahu, Hawaii

Hawaii businesses have specific needs that most web designers are not privy to. Attracting customers on the island is tough and you need experts that will treat the readability, design, and feel of your webpages very seriously. This is why before we even lift a finger, we meet with you, listen to you, and above all, we take the time to get to know each other.

Our ability to develop a webpage is only limited to the information we have so it's very important that our web masters and your business officers work together and have scheduled follow up calls on a routine basis.

Increase Webpage Speeds

Again, when a visitor is connecting to a website in Hawaii, there is a good chance that they're visting from a cellphone with medicore service. If your page is too bulky with large files sizes and poor server processing power, then your customer will have a difficult time loading your webpage on a 3G network, etc.
Here are a few strategies that we apply to increase your page speeds:

  • We minimize the code files with compression
  • We compress large images without losing their quality
  • We host your webpage on a CDN located in Hawaii
  • We load scripts and animations after the page is loaded
  • We optimize the web server's computation speeds with proper upgrades

Mobile responsive websites

Due to the increased popularity of tablets and smartphones, mobile can no longer be ignored. The general public browses the internet using their mobile devices more frequently than using a computer or laptop. A website must be responsive and mobile-friendly ready for mobile viewing. Otherwise, you will miss an entire audience who wants to know who you are! Mobile optimization is about moving your website towards the front and center of the online market. And above all, your website needs to be FAST!