Cheap SEO Services Not Your Friend

Cheap SEO Services Not Your Friend


If you’re researching cheap SEO for your business you may out that cheap services aren’t your friend. Search engine optimization for less than $100 a month? This price appears to be great for many small-to-medium-sized companies (SMBs) with minimal budgets. That is not the case, as low-cost services cause trouble not only for you but also for your company

You must read this guide. It provides an in-depth, straightforward review of the risks associated with low-cost SEO services for your company.

What is low cost SEO service?

The term “cheap SEO services” can be described in a variety of ways. They often rely on your business’s budget and sales, which are often proportional to the size of your business. While a large corporation may consider $5000 per month to be a bargain, a small business would cringe.

In either case, low-cost services have become synonymous with low-cost search engine optimation. Today, the term “cheap SEO” refers to more than just the cost of the service. This also applies to the service’s efficiency and strategy outcomes, which is why this type of service is not a friend to your company.

You want high-quality, dependable search engine optimation services. When you use terms like “cheap” or “low cost” in your search for your services, you expose your company to spammy and untrustworthy agencies that can damage your company’s credibility, sales, and online presence.

Why is low cost SEO a bad thing?

With so many agencies promoting low-cost, businesses often wonder, “Why is low-cost SEO a bad thing?” It’s worth looking into. A search for “cheap services,” for example, yields hundreds of companies claiming to provide low-cost search engine optimation.

If your company can choose from a number of cheap SEO companies, they all have the same experience and low prices. If you are serious about hiring these companies, you must be aware of the significant disadvantages of low-cost services.

4 good reasons to stay away from low cost SEO services


For low-cost agencies, your business is like everyone else. Nothing about your company, products or services, market or competitors is special. That is why your business receives a cookie-cutter strategy.

If you’re familiar with search engine optimization, you’re aware that copy-and-paste techniques do not work. As with any other digital marketing strategy, you need a customized plan for your company. What works for a manufacturing company will not work for your e-commerce shop.

A company providing low-cost services is unconcerned about what works and what doesn’t in the world. They are paid on a monthly basis, perform their service script, and then move on to the next customer. Due to the fact that search engine optimization will take several months to produce results, they are not obligated to deal with your disappointment for an extended period.

That is why

Agencies will charge less than $100 a month for services. They use the same strategy for each and every client. The person managing your account is not required to conduct research on your business; they can immediately begin implementing their one-size-fits-all plan.

By contrast, reliable and reasonable price agencies have an entirely different experience. They don’t have service templates. Rather than that, they start from the ground up, devoting time to learning about your company, industry, products, and even competitors.

When you work with one of these agencies, you’ll obtain a plan that is uniquely tailored to your needs. Everything about your business is special, from your brand to your team to your advantages, and these agencies understand this.

So for low-cost

Search engine optimation, a personalized solution is not feasible. If you deal with a low-cost SEO company, you can anticipate a copy-and-paste technique. It will not perform well or achieve the desired results, so be prepared to share those less-than-stellar reports with your business’s decision-makers.


Nobody enjoys poor customer service, but it is a defining characteristic of low-cost SEO services. If you’re trying to ask a question, receive a performance report, or discuss strategy, account managers at low-cost agencies are notoriously difficult to reach.

The worst thing is that you pay a monthly fee to be ignored. Each month, your business pays the agency, but they fall short of their commitment to providing superior support for your team and company.

Another source of annoyance for companies investing in cheap service is language barriers and time zone discrepancies. To save money, many of these organizations outsource their jobs to countries outside the United States. This configuration can make contact difficult.

For instance

Your team can be required to work late (or report to work early) in order to receive a phone call from your account manager. You can also experience difficulties and misunderstandings across networks, from phone to email, due to language barriers.

Not to mention the fact that your account manager is unfamiliar with your business. They are aware of your company’s name and that you are the point of contact, but nothing else. Bear in mind that they’re copying and pasting your strategy.

Your life will not get simpler as a result of low-cost SEO services. It becomes difficult, which can result in dissatisfaction and friction among the team and company decision-makers. For many companies, the cost savings associated with low-cost search engine optimization are insufficient to justify the investment.

So A low-cost SEO

Agencies view your business as a number, not as a name. Not to mention that their staff’s geographic position and time zone will result in delayed responses, miscommunication, and other aggravating scenarios that add stress to the day.


Due to the fact that low-cost search engine firms use a copy-and-paste approach to search engine optimization, they do not need experienced account managers. They quickly onboard new staff by giving them a simple script for improving your business’s website.

There is no need for these agencies to employ specialists. They are not creating customized campaigns or focusing on highly competitive keywords. Other than that, they provide the company with the bare minimum in terms.

Additionally, it is prohibitively expensive for a low-cost SEO company to employ an experienced professional.


With advanced search engines experience are morally opposed to working at these types of agencies. As a result of their experience, they understand how these agencies operate and why they are detrimental to businesses like yours.

The lack of experience at cheaper agencies can have a significant effect on the success of your strategy. For instance, your account manager can implement black-hat SEO tactics to boost your site’s ranking, which may result in a severe penalty from search engines such as Google.

Not to mention that you’re paying for a specific service rendered by someone with little experience. That is why businesses that can only afford inexpensive SEO services often take the proactive step of educating their in-house staff. After that, your team should plan and lead your strategy.


Agencies that provide low-cost services keep their prices low by recruiting employees with no prior experience in search engine optimation. In some situations, an account manager with less SEO expertise than your team inhibits your approach, preventing your business from producing significant results.

  • Back-Hat Tactics

It’s difficult for cheap SEO companies to generate results for their clients using copy-and-paste techniques. That is why many utilize black-hat techniques. Using devious methods to manipulate search engine results in order to improve the position of your website.

These tactics are well-known in the community. Indeed, these methods are so well-known that search engines such as Google have modified their algorithms to penalize, rather than reward, them. Numerous cheap agencies, on the other hand, continue to use black-hat SEO techniques.

This choice is a direct reflection of the expertise and ability of low-cost firms. They do not comply with industry guidelines in the same way as other agencies do. Worse still, they are unconcerned about the effect a Google penalty can have on your website.

A Google Penalty

May have a negative impact on your website both in the short and long term. If your website gets penalized, Google can remove it from its search results. This means that your website will no longer receive Google traffic, which can have a direct effect on your bottom line.

For instance, if you run an e-commerce shop, you could notice a noticeable decline in weekly sales. That is because your company is no longer visible in search results. They conduct a product search, find a competitor, and complete their order.

Simultaneously, you’re making a monthly payment to the low-cost SEO company. You pay this organization to assist your company in the and the sales, but they are reducing your earnings and exposure in search results.

This is the complete opposite to what a search engine optimization agency does.

Why are low cost SEO agencies still in business?

With all of the disadvantages associated with cheap SEO companies and low-cost services, it’s natural to wonder why these businesses continue to exist. While these agencies have a high client turnover rate, they also employ aggressive acquisition strategies.

They can, for instance, use cold calling to acquire new customers. They can also poach clients from respectable agencies, using fear tactics to obtain these businesses. Many even advertise their low prices in order to attract SMBs.

In short, low cost firms prioritize customer acquisition over client retention. As search engine optimization is a long-term strategy, this decision reflects the agencies’ lack of industry expertise.

They are unconcerned with retaining your business. They’re already searching for their next customer as soon as they sign you (lock you into a contract). By contrast, a trustworthy agency establishes a long-term relationship with you by learning about you and your company, as well as your objectives.

What is a reasonable price for an SEO service?

Many businesses today spend between $350 and $2000 a month.

Although larger organizations will spend more than this, this price range is an excellent starting point for SMBs. Additionally, it serves as a valuable resource when conducting agency analysis. If an agency provides services that fall outside of this range or makes reference to the availability of their services, it may mean that they are a low-cost agency.

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If Your looking

For professional advice on your SEO approach, you may also perform a cost analysis of hiring an SEO consultant. Your company pays a consultant on an hourly basis for their services, which are often focused on finding problems with your site as well as opportunities.

A consultant usually charges between $80 and $250 per hour.

While a consultant may also enforce decisions on your behalf, it is more cost-effective for your team to make these changes. Depending on the advice of your consultant, you might need to collaborate with your development team.

For instance

A consultant can recommend that you update your website’s footer to include your company’s name, phone number, and address. Alternatively, they may recommend reorganizing the main navigation bar to improve the user experience.

If you plan to hire a consultant, agree in advance to a fixed number of hours. You don’t want to go over your consulting budget, and taking this proactive measure will help you avoid doing so.

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My final thoughts about cheap SEO services

The risk associated with low cost agencies does not outweigh the return on investment associated with full-service digital marketing business. The rate of return on investment with SEO can be very high. An effective digital marketing agency observing what your competitors are doing, use that info to help you succeed in your business goals. low cost agencies will not spend time developing a plan to place you ahead of your competition. All you will get is a cookie cutter plan that fits all.

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