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Quantity Not Nearly As Important As Quality

In the early days of Google's rating system, it was strictly based on numerical data. For a domain that had a lot of backlinks, the web-page rated higher. As this was the case, websites would try all they could in order to have their pages ranked higher and checked further.

But times have changed.

Fortunately, the industry's past has pushed well into the future. As the algorithm of Google develops, the task of backlinks has become more important than ever. Building backlinks has become a highly complex operation, with quantity not nearly as important as quality of the backlinks. So this is kind of the area where links come into play in organic search. You have many pages that have similar material on them, they are talking about similar topics, the on-page factors are kind of similar between sites, but the with one more quality links tell a different story. Results can be a pretty big factor ranking in the top search results.

Link position on the page.

There are several components on a website where links can be put, but having a backlink in the main body copy would often be more useful than a link in another section of the page. A strong link is found embedded in the main material, both literally and contextually, while a link hidden in the header or footer has very little weight.

We provide professional link-building services here at Oahu WebMasters where you get an experienced Webmaster who will help you build up your positive links and eliminate your poor ones. Our certified professionals use a wide variety of tried-and-trusted link-building techniques to add more authority and relevance to your page and create strong connections to reputable domains. We'll also investigate any bad links leading to your site and remove them so that they can't hurt your site.

How to setup backlinks infographic

We at Oahu WebMasters don't accept shortcut techniques. Link building takes a long-term effort, and it will result in invaluable benefits.