7 Reasons Why Using Wix Will Destroy Your Brand

7 Reasons Why Using Wix Will Destroy Your Brand


If something is advertised as cheap, easy, fast, and high quality, then odds are it’s too good to be true. Today, you are going to learn why you should stop using Wix and never rely on these cheap web builders to promote your business online.

1. Drag-n-Drop Builders Target Your Dollar, Not Your Audience’s Dollar

Web Building Platforms such as Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, and Elementor, are all carefully designed with one goal in mind; selling their services to you, the business owner

This means that these web building tools are not developed to generate tons of business, they lack the necessary tools and capabilities to do proper digital marketing.

In a way, these platforms are deceptive because they offer ease-of-use and let you browse between hundreds of beautiful looking themes that look great but perform as well as a billboard posted in the middle of the Sahara Desert.

No matter how pretty these web pages look, they were never created with the purpose of getting your phone to ring, and they won’t generate your business leads or sales.

What do I mean..?

What I mean is that these web builders create gorgeous visuals and may include pictures that pop out at you, the business owner, but are designed by freelancers to get you to pull out your credit card and buy them.

The themes you see on these platforms are not created by Wix, they are actually created by Freelancers who get a commission if they sell their work to you on their platform. Similar to how Etsy sells products.

Now here’s the kicker, your customers are not looking between 100 pretty websites and picking the one that looks the prettiest. What your customers are actually looking for is finding the best product or services for their immediate problem or urge.

Website building platforms are not concerned about the process of turning a click into a customer, aka digital marketing. Google ranking, SEO, sales funnels, email lists, ad videos, or targeting your specific audience are not their priority.

Websites are not canvases of art being posted on display in an art museum, they need to do a lot more than simply look pretty.  They need to sell your services and excite your visitors!  Web builders, especially cheap ones, lack the ability to put you ahead of your competitors.

If you’re serious about investing in your online strategy, and that’s what you should be shopping for, a strategy, then you’ve come to the right place.

You can learn exactly how websites make money when you click, here.

This link will redirect you to a video of me explaining the world of digital marketing and I even provide you a free checklist of what an online marketing strategy should look like if you are new to the internet battleground.

2. There’s a lot more to web design than you think!

Oahu Web Designers focus on attacking Wix

One time, I let my own ego get the best of me, I had just had my hood replaced on my car and it was never painted. I figured I could save a few bucks and paint it myself.  I parked my beat-up 2003 Volkswagen Jetta in my family’s garage, took a few lousy $5 cans of spray paint, and started spraying. 

In my head, I thought body shops were just out to steal your money. I mean, painting a car can’t be that hard, right?  I’ve painted the walls in my home like a pro, so how hard can painting a car be?

Well, long story short, my car did not look very good at the end of the day.  I ended up ruining the gloss, devaluing my car, and leaving myself with a ton of extra work.  I then had to learn about wet sanding, how to buff a car, the differences between vehicle paint vs. normal spray paint, and the list goes on. 

It didn’t matter that I purchased the paint from Autozone, and it didn’t matter how confident I was in the beginning, or how many tutorial videos I watched on YouTube.  There are no shortcuts when it comes to experience, expertise, and quality.

Don’t make the same mistake as me…

The moral of the story is that I ended up wasting a lot of my valuable time and money on a project that I believed was easy.  I was being immature, cheap, and disrespectful to the experts that devote their livelihood to perfecting this type of work.

I love this story because it’s an exact manifestation of the persona people have with web designers and digital marketers.  Web Design is a lot more than just an art; it’s a compilation of art, technology, and sales.  It’s a blend of 3 entirely different worlds, like a recipe. 

To achieve success, you need to understand each aspect at a deep level, otherwise, you’ll be leaving potential customers at the door.

3. It’s actually more affordable to hire a master

Oahu Web SEO can they beat Wix?

In the world of business and investing, it’s actually far more expensive to pinch pennies on your advertisements, website, and quality of service, than it is to spend a few extra dollars in getting it right from the gecko.

The devil is in the details!

If you’re not willing to invest in the necessary aesthetics of your storefront, quality of service, website, marketing videos, and pictures. Then you’re leaving yourself open for a competitor to come in and do the things that you’re not willing to invest in.

There are potential customers that are browsing the web for the best products and services that fit their needs. This is why I call it a digital battleground because they are likely browsing between 3 or 4 of your competitors before deciding to call or purchase anything.

This is scary because if you took the easy route as most people do, then you could potentially be leaving thousands of dollars on the table over the course of months or years. Think long-term!

4. Web builders confuse your visitors

Cats attack Wix for Web Design and SEO

Websites need to be intuitive! People want big buttons, arrows directing them where to click, large text, video, nice headers, and exciting messages. We’re not ready to read a wall of text about your business or get lost in unrelated imagery. That’s not exciting.

Clarity sells. Think of a top-selling magazine, the pictures and headers pull your attention and give you an emotional response, then if someone is interested, they will voluntarily read your descriptions and pitches. This would be in the form of a “read more” button.

It doesn’t stop here though, we still need ways to record the clicks that the buttons and links on your website get so that we can get a high-level view of what people are clicking on. We do this by using analytical software, such as something like Hotjar.

We are not affiliated with Hotjar but it’s critical that you capture this analytical data so that you can correct problems in your marketing attempts.

5. Mobile Devices must be your priority

Stats on mobile and desktop paltforms
By: gs.statcounter.com

Web builders and the themes they provide look great on a screen that is the size of a television or full-size tablet but on a mobile device, things get messy and confusing. The text and pictures often don’t align right and your message can get lost in large pictures, small text, and wild sizes.

You need to remember that mobile devices are often using mobile data. The data people use on their phones is limited and slow, therefore, a website that is bulky and loads fast on a full-speed internet connection, might not load quickly on cellular data.

Images must be compressed, website code must be minimized, and all other assets need to be small enough to load fast on a mobile device that is stuck using cellular data.

51.3% of internet users use mobile devices

According to this 2016 study, only 48.7% of people use desktops, the rest access the web using their phone or tablet and this was 4 years ago. Also, this test can’t know how many of those desktop computers are actually bots that are simply resembling a desktop application. I won’t get into how that works but it’s more common than you think.

6. Terrible Web Support

Wix low ratings
By: trustpilot.com (5/2021)

These companies want to cash in on a certain crowd of people. They cash in on people who want quick, easy fixes for things that require a big investment. Do you really think these same companies who charge these dirt-cheap prices for web design are going to support you every step of the way?

Do they really care about your long-term success?

You get what you pay for and it applies to digital marketing just as is does with anything else in life. Ignore the fake reviews by people on their Facebook and Website. They are in control of those comments.

Really, check out the reviews people have about the support they get:


7. You don’t really own your website

Business SEO and Web Design better than Wix

Wix owns your work. They own your website, the content, and the domain name if you register with them.

I’m not kidding! Read their Terms of Use!

Notwithstanding the forgoing, Wix shall have the right to determine the ownership of User Content and/or a User Website as it chooses, including by ignoring the indications set forth above, in event Wix deems, at its sole discretion, that the situation justifies such determination, all based upon the factual situation as determined by Wix.  


If their service is ever bought out by another company, and the quality of the service is reduced over time as the digital background evolve, you will be stuck with them and likely forced to fight your way out.

It’s much better to buy your domain name from a service like Namecheap, and then point that domain name to the web server that your site is being hosted in. I know this sounds really technical to the average person but it’s a critical concept to understand.

Therefore, your domain name might one day be a powerful asset and it would be a shame if you didn’t own it. Find a webmaster that will honor your business assets, don’t fall for a sketchy contract, and get trapped years down the road.

Stop using Wix!

Seriously, there are plenty of better options out there and if you are serious about your business then you should heed our warning. Whether you hire us or another expert, regardless, we do not support these types of shady services.